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Camera Silver

Camera Silver
Camera Silver
what is the last silver camera ever produced?

i heard that the last one was produced in japan.
anyone who wants to give advice about leica silver cameras is also welcome.

By silver I mean.. non digital for the ones who wonder...

and silver is not a precious metal indeed. gold is.
sorry silver is a precious metal too and it totally has to do with it... and nothing to do with housing stuff mr photographer

Silver nitrate , affected by light and darken depending on the intensity of light fallen on its solution, and it used in photography in a sensitive film to light fall on it through the lens of the camera , and the film must be treated in a dark room in a process to develop the pictures by using different solutions and lastly they fixed the pics by sodium thiosulphate, by the way silver nitrate solution is used as an old hair dye and the color depends on the concentration and the time of exposure to sunlight, but it is harmful to skin.


Non Digital cameras are still very much in production. Check this!

Leica M7
Vivitar V3800N
Leica MP
Nikon FM10
Canon EOS-1v
Nikon F6
Bessa R4M
Zeiss Ikon SW

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