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camera s for photography

camera s for photography
What are good camera for photography?

i wanna get into photography
and there is a few camers i have in mind, but what are some good one you know
and the one i knwo is the umm canon rebel XSi
and prices :)?

P.S any photography tips or camera tips? 🙂 thanks!

To LEARN photography , compact cameras are better. You can check a compact camera from nikon or canon as per your budget.. then, there are bridge cameras also, with all the in-camera settings of a dslr and with fixed lens.(no recurring expense on lens) e.g nikonP-80, P-90, P100
In the end , camera is only a tool, not the end in itself (any camera will take sharp, clear pictures).

DSLR Photography Guide #1: Choosing a Camera

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