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camera photography

camera photography
What is a cheap digital photography camera?

Next year I'll be taking a photography class in school. Considering my birthday is soon, I figured that I'd get it now. We really don't have that much money, so what is a cheap (or decently priced) photography camera that takes good pictures? Thanks.

You may want to check with your counselor/teacher about what kind of camera you need. Are you sure you're not supposed to have a 35mm FILM camera?

Be sure to check!!! At my HS, everyone has to have film cameras.

Anyway (happy birthday, btw--mine was Saturday), it depends on how much cash you have.

~less than $100--not sure I can help here. Check out craigslist for your area if you only have like $50 to spend. You can probably pick up a 5 megapixel camera for $20 or so

~$100-200 I suggest the Fuji s5700. It's on sale at CIrcuit city right now for $150.

If you can afford a DSLR, go for it!

btw, I would stay far away from Kodak cameras. From my experience, they take the noisiest pictures ever!! (noisy meaning grainy)

Don't shop just based on how many megapixels the camera features. Kodak, for example, is bad with this--their cameras usually offer high MPs for low prices, but you get what you pay for.

Once you find a model online that you think you'd like, check out www.flickr.com and look up the camera model to see some sample shots by that camera to see what it's capable of.

Good luck!!

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