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Camera Outfit

Camera Outfit
Camera Outfit
best site to shop for complete camera outfit?

I've seen a couple of what iam looking for on a couple sites,Im looking for compettive prices on a Nikon FM3A complete outfit.
See a lot of just bodies only,heck thats like buying a car without the motor.

The best two are Adorama.com and BHPhotoVideo.com, both in New York City. They both have long histories of low prices, fair policies and good customer service. Some other shops will advertise for less, but they're either misrepresenting what they sell or using unethical sales tactics. You're unlikely to find a cheaper honest deal on any given product than through these two. I've heard Adorama sometimes has lower prices, though I've mostly dealt with B&H Photo.

On a side note, depending on how serious you want to be, you may want to only buy the body and upgrade your lens quality over what would come with the kit. A better lens will give you the ability to take pictures in lower light conditions, give you better contrast and sharpness, and be more durable.

Also, while film will be shorter to purchase, digital is far cheaper in the long run, and Nikon has an excellent lineup of entry level SLRs (this from a Canon guy).

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