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Camera Mint

Camera Mint
Camera Mint
Where can I sell/get rid of a camera?

I had this camera given to me 2 years ago. Its a nice film camera, but I'm more into digital photography myself.
I researched the camera, and it alone was bought for about $600. The lens it has went for about $400.

I basically just need to consolidate before I move in the next 4 months. And I dont want to just 'give it away'. But I dont mind taking $80-$100 bucks for it. Its in mint condition.

So I've never been in a pawn shop. And truthfully, I dont know how they work. I have looked at some 3-way thrift stores in the area, but the only one in my area has bad ratings and multiple bad comments about their services.
Can somebody explain this pawn shop thing?

Im looking for SHORT TERM, or IMMEDIATE results here. Im cleaning and dont want something laying around for 3 weeks while its for sale on ebay. (plus ebay sucks if you cant sell and item).

All help will be gratefully appreciated.


craigslist.org is probably your best bet, within your time constraints.

You can also try posting notices at your local colleges, especially those still teaching photo classes with film.

Pawn shops will "loan" you an outrageously low amount of money which is secured by your goods. The deal is that if you want the item back, you pay the amount you got plus a high interest rate. If you only want the cash, you still aren't going to get much more for it. In this day of digital cameras, they may not be interested in your film camera. In general. unless you are hard up for the cash, I would stay away from the pawn shops.

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