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Camera Body

Camera Body
Camera Body
What should I buy with a film camera body?

If I buy the camera body of a Pentax K1000, in order to start off, what else would I need to buy and what would you recommend?

The 18-55 is good for basic stuff including landscapes and people while the 75-300's more powerful zoom is great for portraits, action, animals etc. You can later get a wider lens if you really enjoy the wider pictures and prefer landscapes or you can buy a teleconverter or a larger lens if you want to zoom in closer.


If your into long exposures I recommend a shutter release and tripod. Any exposer set for more then a 200th of a second i would use a tripod and the shutter release prevents vibrations when you push the button down to release the shutter using a tripod.

If your into indoor photography, I recommend purchasing a flash

What ever you do make sure you have a uv filter on your lens to prevent dust and scratches


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