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Camera Bag

Camera Bag
Camera Bag
does it matter what direction your camera lays in a bag?

i'm looking for a camera bag. I've seen holster type ones where the camera goes face down. I've seen them held sideways, flat like on a table, etc.

which is the safest a bag holds a camera? thanks.

The answer is actually dependent upon what you want to accomplish. For a holster-type bag, the point isn't so much about the safest way to hold a camera; it's about having the camera in a position so you can pull it out and use it relatively quickly.

Generally speaking, the weakest part of any SLR is the lens. Thus, you want your camera and lens combination to be most protected around the lens. That's why on backpack camera bags, the lens is positioned in such a way that it's centered and the most protected.

Next, you want your camera body and lens protected from damage by falls. Hence, you'll notice that most bags tend to put the SLR body relatively high, which is good unless you plan on dropping the bag upside down (an unlikely occurrence). Also, putting the SLR body high makes it accessible for use.

You could make your camera totally safe by wrapping it in bubble wrap inside a bag, but that's not practical for any kind of use. Likewise, whatever bag you choose will have to be something of a compromise between accessibility and protection.

For choosing a bag, choose one that's sized appropriately for your gear and fits you well. If it's a backpack, the weight should be supported on your hips, not your back. If it's a gadget bag, it should be well balanced and have a comfortable strap, as well as a handle. Compartments should be lined with ballistic nylon; I've seen cheaper synthetic felt-like linings, but they shed and get felt-type dust on everything, so avoid those. Whatever bag you choose should not only be balanced, but it should protect your lens and the body and should not tip over naturally, unless deliberately unbalanced.

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