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buy photography cameras

buy photography cameras
i need to buy a 35mm camera for photography, anyone know where i can get one cheap?

my photography class is making us buy our own 35mm camera, and i checked amazon.com and the used ones were still pretty high.. some $300 to $700.. i live in Milwaukee, so if anyone knows some stores around there that sell them cheap.. or even an online store.

Check on your local Craigslist. I found a few here for you.


The advanage of Craigslist over Ebay is that you can meet the seller (Starbucks, anyone) and try the camera out before buying it. Take aknowledgeable friend along to get a couple of opinions on the camera and it's condition. I've bought several cameras and lenses this way with no problem.

If you were in my area, I'd have several 35mm Nikon SLR's for under $100.

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