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Black Pink

Black Pink
Black Pink
I found a great apartment, problem is the Bathroom is Pink & Black and I am a male. What can be done?

What can be done to make a pink & black bathroom more masculine for a man? Is it possible? HELPPPPP.
The tiles on the lower part of the wall are pink the top of the tiles are black.

Of course it's possible. Anything is possible.

Make use of the black. Use as much as possible of it in the room: black towels, accessories, shower curtain, rug, shelves, candles, etc.

Add a touch of silver to the room. Silver vase, silver frame, etc.

Now, to make it a real guy's bathroom, add some fantastic black and white pictures of women, preferably artistic nudes. There's no way you'll mistake the room for a girl's.

And think about it, women will think you are very manly for having a pink bathroom. Like I said, just use the black well.

Here are some ideas of pictures to frame:

Oh... I agree wholeheartedly with the other person here who said to use it and go retro. Retro is very IN so do use it. Think Hollywood here.

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