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Beautiful Vintage

Beautiful Vintage
Beautiful Vintage
Does anyone know why dobermans are not used as police dogs?

The reason I am asking is, I have seen so many beautiful vintage photos of dobermans working with the military. So why don't police or military use dobermans now? I know that german shepards are used because of there intellegence, and ability to handle weather.

There is many reasons behind this. I train gaurd dogs for people and have had them bring dogs from shepherds to saints, and all had a great potential. I did have one man bring me a doberman, a great big one. the dog was gorgeous, massive force, but olny attacked if he thought his master was being hurt. This dog was very intelligent, but evey time we sent the dog AFTER sombody, running with a gun powder gun, the dog stayed put, not leaving his masters side. That and the fact that there coat keeps them from colder climated areas, they do still use them down here in florida a bit.

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