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Battery Sony

Battery Sony
Battery Sony
Can replacing a new battery in a Sony Ericsson W580i fix water damage?

I only had this Sony Ericsson for about 2 months. I dropped it in a sink and I took it out right away. I took out the battery and the SIM card and dried it. Now, could it be possible if I replace the battery that it will work?

Try the steps below:
(2) As soon as possible (preferably within 20-30 minutes). dissassemble the phone using Torx T6 screwdriver. (Get this off eBay or service depots, etc) Make an emergency trip to Sears/RadioShack/ACE/service depot/etc.
(3) Clean/dry as much as you can, using Q-Tips
(4) Dry the electronics components under a desk lamp on a paper towel for 24 hours.
(5) Use a blow dryer, set on warm. Blow dry the phone. Make sure your battery and sim card are out of the phone.
(6) Reassemble the phone
(7) Put back together
(8) Only now it's safe to put the battery back in.

You can also leave the battery and sim out. Leave your phone out in the sun. Let it dry.

You can possibly try a new battery in your phone and it might go back to normal. I got a new battery in my phone after I got water damage on my phone. Then everything seemed to work ok after I did that. Granted the phone is never really perfectly okay after you do get water on your phone.

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