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Battery Casio

Battery Casio
Battery Casio
Why is my camera battery charger not cooperating?

The battery in my Casio Exilim NP-60 camera is dead... When i put it in the charger and plug it in, nothing happens whatsoever. No wires are disconnected and the battery is in the right way. The light doesn't even come on. Does anyone recognize the problem that can tell me how to fix it?

The age of the battery can be a factor. These things don't last for ever, they only have a limited number of charge cycles before they just simply give up and die.

The other possibility is with the charger. Do you have access to another charger like yours? If so, plug your battery into that one and see what happens. Same thing... the battery needs to be replaced.
If the other charger works you'll know the answer.

The third idea might be to check with a professional to see what the charger is actually putting out. Could be the charger's just gone... they don't last for ever either.

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