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Balance Lens

Balance Lens
Balance Lens
im 13, i have a digital slr, i want a run down on the aperture and digital camera techniques?

i want to learn about some techniques, the aperture, the white balance and all that good stuff. I have a cannon rebel 300d, with a 18-55 lens. not good but im learning. all help would be apreciated highly
eos 350 d i mean, sorry lol

Congrats on getting your new camera. I have a similar canon model. The most important thing I learned is that crappy lenses (no offense, but the kit lens is crappy) are very hungry for light, because there is no image stabilization. I would suggest getting a decent speedlite flash to help with this.

I'm not sure how much you know about photography, so I don't want to write a book. Remember your aperture and shutter speed are inversely proportional, meaning the wider your aperture is (lower f), the quicker your shutter speed must be.

White balancing is extremely easy on most prosumer cameras. Buy a simple gray card. Buy using a gray card, your camera can get an instant reading on where your camera should be set (degrees kelvin). Poor white balancing almost always ruins a nice photograph, but sometimes you can get a cool effect on accident :-p

Hope this helps!

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