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Bag Canon

Bag Canon
Bag Canon
Best bag for canon 450d and sigma 150mm-500mm lens?

I want to carry my camera plus two or three lenses one of them is the sigma 150-500 which is quite big. Has anyone a bag that the use and would recommend. I also need to use this for air travel hand luggage so size and weight becomes important.

Yup, the Lowepro Fastpack 250.

The bottom compartment fits my 400 & 50-500. Both camera body and lens are the same size as yours. My body has the grip on it, which means you will probably have a little more space than me.

Along side this there is usually space for a 430EX flash, 17-40 f4L and my wee accessory pack with spare batts, memory and remote. The bag also has a totally seperate section for your packed lunch and maps. And a seperate section for your laptop. And a strap pouch for your mobile. And a waistband so it doesn't knacker your back. And its pretty compact.

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