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Backpack Case

Backpack Case
Backpack Case
What is the largest backpack that I could get for school?

I need to buy the biggest backpack I can for school. I don't want a luggage case or anything, I want a real backpack. I can't find one big enough anywhere.

So, what's the biggest backpack available that I could purchase?

Have you looked at JanSport Big Student?
Google: ebags discount, coupons to find some discount codes to use. They also sell this backpack at lots of other places.

Target has basically the same backpack, same quality called the JanSport Supermax.

My son has used both and they are very good. They fit quite a bit of stuff. For 8th, my son had three 1.5" binders, plus at least 3 textbooks in the main pocket. There is another pocket he put folders and paperbacks in. This year he has a huge 3" binder and 4 - 5 textbooks he needs to carry in the main pocket, can only go to his locker at lunch. It's very sturdy. I can barely lift the stupid thing when it's full!

Good luck!

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