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a good camera for photographers

a good camera for photographers

Camera 450D - Good Camera For The Price There Is Nothing Better In The Market

So who the Sony a350 and the Canon Camera 450D times had a direct comparison in the hand, will establish in any event the claim be otiose, the EOS "cheap". The feel of the Sony is much worse, the Sony with its thin-looking plastic, I almost felt as an imposition, in addition there are the lousy viewfinder of the Sony, which is twice as long battery charging times and and and ...

I want to repeat anything, but to add just a few points to the Canon, but have been forgotten here or in the first recession in a little misrepresented:

- May be using a Canon to a nearly unlimited selection of lenses back attack, which is difficult for other producers partly
- Who is photographed with a DSLR only in the automatic program, had better grow a compact camera, just as those who fail to activate Liveview on the menu
- Liveview is only a complement of studio recordings remotely via laptop or very unfavorably situated motives, as well as to the exact manual focusing, I've seen so many with a Sony, not even using the more the viewfinder, that's just ridiculous ...
- Battery and SD card, the battery has more capacity, because the compatibility of secondary importance and the SD card is just a logical step, CF had to contend with mud, bent pins, and not least the size of
- That, from ISO 200 is a "blurring" occurs is completely untrue, bring the camera in the same resolution as something much more expensive professional Canon down to high ISO values, either you have no idea how to effectively use the camera or is hearsay
- Most recently, even the image stabilizer is not described as "slow" to

For a beginner DSLR camera has a very good quality, the bright viewfinder, good Kit lens make them attractive for me to DSLR in the entry-level class.

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