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Rollei Rolleiflex

Rollei Rolleiflex
Rollei Rolleiflex
Camera help with lenses and filters on a Rolleiflex SL35?

So, I found my dad's old Rolleifles SL35 and I got new batteries for it and everything and I have the film, but I'm wondering what type of lenses and filters I have. Can anyone tell me if they are any good ? I tried looking on google but I couldn't find anything. I have 2 lenses and 2 filters.

- Rollei SL- Xenon 1.8/50 (Schneider - Krueznach )

-Carl Zeiss Tele - Tessar 4/200


-Vivitar 67mm SKYLIGHT (1A)

I don't know what they are or anything nor does my dad, so could anyone just give me some information about what these types of lenses are for and such ?

Thanks so much !
anything about the lenses & filters??

You got some good stuff...this might help:


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