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Kodak Easy

Kodak Easy
Kodak Easy
How do i get rid of the Loud hissing noise on video playback from Kodak easy share C140?

I have a Kodak easy share c140 video camera and after i record a video and play it back on my pc although I record a video in quiet room there is a loud hissing noise in the video I am just wondering if there is a way i can get rid of this some how and if anyone is having the same issue

Thanks in advance.

What you are hearing is what is expected when the room is quiet and the camcorder's automatic mic gain is "listening" for audio. You can fix this when you edit.

If there is a bit of background noise, that hiss will likely go away.

The other resolution is to get a camcorder with manual audio control - when this is used, the auto mic gain circuit is bypassed. The least expensive camcorder - of which I am aware - with manual audio control is the Canon HV30 (and the HV40).

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