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camera for starting photography

camera for starting photography
a photography question/camera question?

can anyone recommend a good low cost camera for starting photography with, digital or normal?

What you need to look for in a camera - the sort which will allow you to take a photograph as opposed to a snap - is the ability for you to take control of main functions: Aperture, Shutter, White Balance, ISO and metering.

These are the technical elements you will need to master alongside composition and an understanding of light.

To do this I would recommend an entry level camera such as:

Olympus E410, 420, 500, 510, 520.
Canon 350D,400D,450D,1000D

There are many other cameras but the above I have experience of as a 'new' photographer, and I own a Canon 450D and three olympus cameras (420, 510 and 520) - My children are beginning photography too,and have found the olympus models particularly good.

Most of the above come as kits with a decent wide/telephoto lens.

Hope this helps.

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