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about cameras photography

about cameras photography
wanting to know about photography and the best cameras.?

im about to start taking lessons in photography and it's one on one training. i was just curious what the best camera would be to start off with. but i also want a top of the line one if you will, that way i don't need to go bye one in a couple of months to catch up with the times. are the digital cameras with the 35mm lens as good as the film cameras? well any info would be appreciated. thank you.

Hi there!

Well, I have a suggestion for a digital SLR camera for you as an entry model...

The Canon Rebel XTI... It has VERY good quality photos, and a VERY decent shutter speed. It is my pick for someone looking for a digital camera that you can inter change lenses (SLR) and has a fast enough shutter speed to take some great action shots. You have MANY lenses to choose from too.

It comes with one lens and for one additional lens I like the
Canon Zoom Lens EF 16-35mm 1:28 L USM (Ultrasonic)

Hope this helps!

Stanford Photo Scientists are Teaching the Camera New Tricks

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