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Compact Flash

Compact Flash
Compact Flash
Please have a look at your compact flash reader?

Hello. If I look at my USB compact flash-reader, I see that one pin (the middle one?) of the lower row of pins is bent so neatly that it almost seems like it should be that way. I have no problems reading CF-cards in windows XP. Could you have a wee look at your compact flash reader to check if there is a bent pin somewhere near the middle of the bottom row?

Nope, none are bent in mine.
What you experience there is a benefit of ECC (error correcton code) that many (all?) compact flash cards have as a part of their package.

The difference between CF card and most other cards is that CF has actual data processing chip on board (which is why it is significantly bigger than other cards) and the rest of cards rely on circuitry in your reader, they are just media...

Basically when CF card transmits data it adds a few control, or error correction bits, it is done in the way that it confirms that receiving end got the information the way it was sent. If the checksum is incorrect, there is a way to find and fix the offending bit of data on the fly. So a single bent pin may still allow for a correct CF operation (provided it's not a power carrying pin or crucial control pin, but one of the data pins).

Looks like you were lucky (and so the first answerer) and had a correctable pin bent!


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